What are the benefits of acrylic for your bathtub and shower?

What are the benefits of acrylic for your bathtub and shower?

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Acrylic is both a popular modern material and one of the oldest plastic materials in use today. First formulated way back in 1865, acrylic has been widely used commercially since 1930 when first applied in periscope ports on submarines and windshields, gun turrets, and canopies on planes during World War II. Acrylic is a versatile polymer and can be colored, drilled, cut, fabricated, and molded. It is ideal for any application to withstand harsh weather, sunlight, and water-related environments like the roofing material, shipping and vehicle parts, outdoor lighting and furniture, pipes, sinks, and bathtubs.


But what makes acrylic so ideal, especially for bathtubs and showers?


It is durable Acrylic is a synthetic man-made material that is lightweight, strong, very ridged, and scratch-resistant. It has excellent dimensional stability (its ability to maintain original dimension when exposed to humidity and temperature changes), which means it will not shrink or yellow over time.


Always looks shiny and new- Acrylic provides aesthetic qualities that are glass-like. It has a lustrous glossy finish that lasts a long time. It is difficult to scratch, and deep scrapes can be buffed out.


Long-lasting and waterproof– Acrylic is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb water and is the perfect material for bathtubs and shower walls. When you think about the traditional bathtub materials, you visualize porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, cast iron, steel, and cultured marble. These traditional tubs are heavy and prone to chipping, deterioration, mildew, fading, cracking, rusting, and discoloration. Acrylic tubs are much lighter, will not crack or chip easily, and can withstand forceful impacts.


More design choices Like many companies, Bath Fitter manufactures its acrylic material in flat sheets. These sheets can be any size and are easy to color, stamp and thermoform (the process of heating the plastic sheet until it becomes pliable and then forms a shape in a mold, like a tub mold). Bath Fitter fabricates its proprietary acrylic into
¼ inch flat sheets and thermoforms it over one of over 650 bathtub molds so we can get an exact watertight fit over a bathtub. Tub over the tub that fits like a glove!

The Bath Fitter walls, made from premium quality acrylic sheets, come in various colors and are stamped with different tile designs to provide more decorative finishes.


Affordable Acrylic is cheaper to manufacture than bathtub materials like cast iron, steel, porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, and cultured marble. Given how durable, versatile, lightweight, and easy to manufacture, acrylic has become a popular choice for bathroom remodels. Only fiberglass material tends to be less expensive than acrylic, but fiberglass cannot match the longevity, durability, dimensional stability, and design choices of acrylic at such an affordable price.


Easy to maintain and clean– Acrylic is non-permeable and resistant to mold and mildew, so cleaning is easy and requires little maintenance to stay looking good-as-new for years to come. After bathing, give the surface a good wipe down with a cloth or a rubber Squeegee then clean with a mild cleaner like white vinegar and water. Bath Fitter has an official list of 70 tested and approved cleaning products you can buy at a grocery or hardware store.