The Easiest Way to Convert Your Bathtub to Shower

The Easiest Way to Convert Your Bathtub to Shower

How many bathtubs do you have in your home that never get used? Unless you have young children, we’re willing to bet there’s at least one, if not more, that are only used for showering. By taking that old tub and turning it into a spacious walk-in shower, you’ll instantly modernize the look of your bathroom and maximize your bathroom floor space. At Bath Fitter, we offer the easiest way to convert your bathtub to a shower.

How Bath Fitter Tub to Shower Conversion Works

We get it—the thought of undertaking a bathroom renovation might give you heart palpitations. How long will you have to go without a bathroom? Will it leave a mess and fill your house with dust and construction debris? How much will it end up costing? The good news is that when you choose Bath Fitter, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We offer a process that is fast, virtually mess-free, and affordable.

Our process is simple. The first step is removing your existing bathtub and faucet. Then, we insert a durable shower base where your bathtub once was; by using that existing footprint, we eliminate the need for new flooring or rerouting your plumbing. We repair and prepare the existing wall surface, then install a high-gloss, scratch- and mildew-resistant one-piece acrylic wall system to give your bathroom an instant upgrade. (Homeowners love how easy it is to clean our acrylic wall systems compared with tile and grout!)

With the shower surround in place, our next step is to install the new faucet and shower head you’ve chosen, along with any accessories. You can also choose to install a shower door or a curtain rod and your tub to shower conversion is complete. There’s no other option that is this simple and effective. We even clean up the mess afterwards leaving you that time to enjoy your new shower.

Tub to Shower Conversion Options

Bath Fitter offers more than just the plain white shower surrounds you might find at your local DIY store. We have no shortage of options for every taste and style. Choose from a wide range of wall patterns and colors to coordinate with your current bathroom design or as the first step of a complete bathroom makeover.

Customization doesn’t stop at color and pattern—we also have a number of accessories and accents. Wainscoting, ceilings, trims, and moldings can add a designer touch to your shower, while corner shelves, soap dishes, and hand-held showers help you create a shower that fits your needs.

For homeowners with mobility concerns, we offer low threshold and barrier-free shower bases, along with a slip-resistant patterned floor for added safety. Other safety features include ADA-compliant shower bases, grab bars, and shower seats.

Learn More About Converting Your Bathtub to a Shower in Tampa Bay

Have you been considering turning an old unused tub into a brand new shower? If you’d like to learn more about the Bath Fitter process, contact us today at 727-298-8827 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.