Complete List of Approved Cleaners for Bath Fitter Tubs and Showers

Complete List of Approved Cleaners for Bath Fitter Tubs and Showers

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to install a Bath Fitter tub is because their old bathtub is in bad shape. Whether it had moldy grout or a grimy surface that they could never get clean, our customers are thrilled to have a pristine tub in their bathroom again—but how can you keep it looking brand new? Here’s a list of approved cleaners for Bath Fitter tubs, along with some care and maintenance instructions to help ensure your tub lasts for years—or even decades!—to come.

Cleaners for Bath Fitter Tubs

Your Bath Fitter tub and walls are acrylic, so any cleaner you use must be suitable for acrylic surfaces. The list here represents cleaners that have been tested on Bath Fitter products; this doesn’t necessarily mean a cleaner that is not on this list will not work for a Bath Fitter tub, as it may not have been tested, but we strongly advise you to only use products from this list of tested and approved cleaners. All of the cleaners below should be used according to their labels and diluted with water as instructed.

  • All purpose ecological degreaser (Products Lemieux)
  • Attitude All Purpose Cleaner (Attitude Live Consciously)
  • Attitude Bathroom Cleaner Citrus Zest (Attitude Live Consciously)
  • Attitude Daily Shower Cleaner Citrus Zest (Attitude Live Consciously)
  • Attitude Natural Bathroom Cleaner (Attitude Live Consciously)
  • Barkeeper’s Friend Spray Foam Cleaner (Servas Laboratories inc.)
  • Bathroom Cleaner (Amway)
  • Beyond Daily Shower Cleaner (Kleen Test Products Corp.)
  • Beyond Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner (Kleen Test Products Corp.)
  • Bio/vert Bathroom Cleaner (Savon Prolav Inc.)
  • Bio-Clean Friendly Bacteria Waste Eliminator (Superior BioSolution)
  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg Live Food Products)
  • Buckeye QUAT Germicidal Detergent (Buckeye International)
  • CaviCide Surface Disinfectant and Decontaminant (Metrex Research)
  • Cedarwood & Sage Multi Purpose Cleaner (Trader Joe’s)
  • Clean Shower Original Daily Shower Cleaner (Church & Dwight Co.)
  • Clorox Bleach Foamer for the Bathroom (Clorox)
  • Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach (Clorox)
  • CVS Earth Essentials Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner (Kleen Test Products Corp.)
  • Daily Shower Cleaner/Echoclean (V.I.P. Soap Products)
  • Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach (Clorox)
  • Floor Neutral Detergent (Products Lemieux)
  • Formula 409 Glass & Surface Cleaner (Clorox)
  • Formula 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray (Clorox)
  • Great Value Glass Cleaner (Walmart)
  • Green Works Bathroom Cleaner Natural (Clorox)
  • Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes (Clorox)
  • Green Works Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner (Clorox)
  • Hertel Bathroom Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach (Lavo Inc.)
  • Hertel Biodegradable Bathroom Soap Remover (Lavo Inc.)
  • Hertel Multi Biodegradable It Washes Everything (Lavo Inc.)
  • Home Glass Cleaner (Home Hardware Stores)
  • Hope’s Perfect Glass (The Hopes Company)
  • Invinceable Cleaner (Supertek Canada)
  • Iron Out Rust Stain Remover (Summit Brands)
  • LIME-A-WAY Lime, Calcium & Rust Cleaner (Benckiser)
  • Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant Cleaner Lemon (Clorox)
  • Lysol Bathroom Bleach Cleaner (Clorox)
  • Lysol Bleach Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Clorox)
  • Lysol Disinfectant with Hydrogen Peroxide (Clorox)
  • Lysol Power & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner (Clorox)
  • Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner Soap Scum Cleaner (Reckitt Benkiser)
  • Method Daily Shower Cleaner (Method Products)
  • Natura Heavy Duty Cleaner (Home Hardware Stores)
  • Norwex Bathroom Cleaner (Norwex)
  • Norwex Descaler (Norwex)
  • NSB/820 Acid Cleaner for Bathroom (B.O.D. Chemicals)
  • Odoban Disinfectant Fabric Air Freshener (Clean Control Corporation)
  • Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant (Ecolab Inc.)
  • Pink Solution Clean and Scrub (Pink Solution)
  • Prolav Ultra Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Prolav)
  • Pure Bright Germicidal Ultra Bleach (Kik International)
  • Pure White Vinegar (all brands 5% and less)
  • Quick’n Brite Biodegradable Concentrated Cleaner (Quick’n Brite)
  • Rust Out (Iron Out)
  • Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner and Soap Scum Remover (Church & Dwight)
  • Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner and Soap Scum Remover + Oxiclean (Church & Dwight)
  • Scrub Free bathroom cleaner lemon scent plus oxi clean (Church & Dwight)
  • Scrub Free Mildew Stain Remover with Bleach (Church & Dwight)
  • Scrub Free Plus Oxi Clean (Church & Dwight)
  • Scum Off Shower Cleaner (Scum Off)
  • Selection All-Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant (Metro Brands)
  • Selection Bathroom Spray Cleaner (Metro Brands)
  • Selection Bleach Fiber Protector (Metro Brands)
  • Selection ECO All Purpose Cleaner Citrus Sage (Metro Brands)
  • Selection ECO Bathroom Cleaner Citrus Sage (Metro Brands)
  • Seventh Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner (Seventh Generation)
  • Simple Green All purpose Cleaner (Sunshine Makers)
  • Simple Green Lime Scale Remover (Sunshine Makers)
  • Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach (Dial Corporation)
  • Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser (Spray Nine)
  • The Works Tub & Shower Cleaner (HomeCare Labs)
  • Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover (Clorox)
  • Vert-2-Go Scrub E-Z (Wood Wyant du Groupe Sani/Marc)
  • Windex Original Glass & More Cleaner with Ammonia/D (SC Johnson & Son)
  • Windex Vinegar Streak-Free Shine (SC Johnson & Son)
  • X-14 Professional Instant Mildew Stain Remover (WD-40 Company)
  • Zep Shower, Tub, and Tile Cleaner (ZEP Enforcer Products)

General Cleaning Guidelines for Bath Fitter Tubs

Remember that using cleaners not approved by Bath Fitter or installing third-party accessories can void your warranty. To maintain your Bath Fitter tub, remove soap scum and other residue from the bathtub and surround regularly using an approved cleaner. To clean the silicone, you can also use an approved cleaner from the list above or a 50/50 mix of water and chlorine bleach, which will kill surface germs and bacteria.

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