Types of Walk-In Showers from Bath Fitter of Tampa Bay

Types of Walk-In Showers from Bath Fitter of Tampa Bay

One of our specialties at Bath Fitter is walk-in showers. Whether you need a walk-in shower to make your bathroom more accessible or you simply don’t use a bathtub anymore, we can give your bathroom an instant update with our beautiful surrounds and shower bases. Here are a few types of walk-in showers to consider.

What Is a Walk-In Shower?

First, let’s talk about what makes a walk-in shower a walk-in shower. Although some people think that any shower that doesn’t have a bathtub as a base is a walk-in shower, this isn’t true. A shower stall with a door isn’t considered a walk-in shower; walk-in showers have no doors and either a very small curb or only a floor with a slight slope towards the drain. 

Walk-in showers are on-trend these days, with many homeowners opting to replace their traditional bathtubs or showers with a walk-in version to make their bathrooms appear larger, spacious, and more open. Even before these showers were trendy, they were commonly used for people who need a more accessible shower option since they are easier to use for people who have mobility issues. Our bathtub to shower conversion services include the option of putting in a walk-in shower.

Bath Fitter Walk-In Shower Options

When you use Bath Fitter to convert your bathtub or existing traditional shower into a walk-in shower, the process begins by removing your old bathtub or shower base and faucet. The new walk-in shower base is put in, the walls are repaired, and the acrylic wall is installed. Next, we install your new faucet and any accessories you’ve chosen. Your walk-in shower options include:

Low Threshold or Barrier-Free Shower Base

As we’ve discussed above, what sets a walk-in shower apart from a regular shower is the base. A walk-in shower either has a low threshold base or a barrier-free base that is flush with the rest of your floor, but gently slopes so water flows away from the rest of the bathroom and towards the drain. You also have the option for a roll in barrier-free shower base. This barrier-free base features a 2 inch rubber piece that allows a wheelchair to easily roll over while helping to hold the water in.  You can decide which of these options you prefer, or we can help you understand the pros and cons of each when we visit your home for a free estimate.

No matter which type of shower base you choose, the floors all have a slip-resistant pattern for your safety and for a beautiful, high-end look.

Accessories for Safety and Convenience

One of the benefits of working with BathFitter is our wide range of accessories, which allow you to customize your walk-in shower to your needs and preferences. Many of our accessories enhance the accessibility of your shower, including grab bars and shower seats. Add shelves for soap and bottles and opt for a shower curtain rod or glass door if you want a more traditional look for your walk-in shower.

Showerheads and Handheld Showers

With Bath Fitter, you’ll also be able to choose your own showerhead or handheld shower. Handheld showers are ideal for a walk-in shower that is needed for accessibility and we also offer beautifully-designed showerheads that give you a spa-like experience at home.

Acrylic Walls in Designer Styles and Colors

Finally, you’ll be able to make your walk-in shower your own by choosing a wall color and design. You can even get the look of on-trend subway tile without the expensive installation and labor-intensive cleaning and maintenance!

Learn More About Bath Fitter Walk-In Showers in Tampa Bay

Contact us today or request a free consultation to learn more about our bathtub to shower conversion process and our walk-in shower options.