Low Cost Alternative to Bathtub Replacement

Low Cost Alternative to Bathtub Replacement

Is your bathtub Pepto-Bismol pink? Perhaps it’s a groovy shade of olive green or a bold red that was stylish for approximately five minutes in the late 70s. Or maybe you have a classic white tub that’s lost its luster and has a ring of gray all around the edges. Whatever the reason, you need a bathtub replacement—but who has thousands of dollars on hand to replace a tub? With Bath Fitter, you can breathe new life into your tired old tub for a fraction of the price. Here’s how it works.

Why Replace Your Tub If You Don’t Need To?

It’s rare that a bathtub actually needs replacement. In most cases, the bathtub homeowners want to replace is just fine; it’s the surface that needs to be replaced, either because it’s a dated color or because the finish has worn off and become impossible to clean. You’ll save money by keeping the tub and updating the exterior with a new tub liner.

Bath Fitter tub liners are custom-made to fit your bathtub and they come in a variety of designer styles and colors. Add your choice of faucet, accessories, and wall pattern and you’ve given your bathroom a complete makeover in a single day!

How Bath Fitter Works

As you can imagine, removing a bathtub is a messy, labor-intensive, time-consuming process—and it can cause a lot of peripheral damage in your bathroom, especially when there’s a sledgehammer or saw involved! Bath Fitter doesn’t require any of that since your current tub doesn’t need to be removed.

When you set up an appointment with Bath Fitter, one of our bathroom design experts will come out to your home to measure your bathtub and discuss your options with you. Whether you want an on-trend subway tile look or farmhouse chic wainscoting, we have something for every taste and style! Choose your options and we’ll get started on your custom bathtub liner.

Once the liner is made, our installer will come out and clean, sanitize, and prepare your old bathtub area before placing the new tub liner over it. It’s that easy—no sledgehammer required! Your accessories and faucet will be installed, your bathroom will be cleaned so there’s no trace of the work we’ve done, and you’re good to go. With a new premium quality high gloss acrylic bathtub liner, you’ll get the look of a high-end luxury bathroom remodel without the cost.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Another low cost alternative to bathtub replacement is turning your old bathtub into a shower. Luxe showers are in these days, so if you don’t use your bathtub, why not replace it with a beautiful walk-in shower? 

Bath Fitter can help you out here, too. While a bathtub to shower conversion requires removal of the bathtub, our process is still more affordable than similar bathroom renovations. After the bathtub is removed, we’ll install a durable shower base, repair the existing walls, and install an easy-to-maintain one-piece acrylic wall. 

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