Why Do Investors Use BathFitter for Bathroom Remodeling?

Why Do Investors Use BathFitter for Bathroom Remodeling?

Real estate investors in Tampa Bay have a secret when it comes to bathroom remodels. Instead of removing old, outdated bathtubs, they use Bath Fitter for a no-hassle bathtub remodel. If you want to renovate your bathroom like an expert, read on to find out the benefits of BathFitter for bathtub and shower remodeling.

Bath Fitter Allows for a Seamless Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Walk-in showers are becoming more and more popular in real estate, but converting a bathtub to a shower the traditional way can be more hassle than it’s worth. With Bath Fitter, the process of switching out a tub with a shower is a breeze. Our tub to shower conversion package involves removing your tub and replacing it with a custom-made shower base. Choose your wall surround pattern and color, faucet, and showerhead, along with any optional accessories like seats and shelves. A walk-in shower gives a great return on investment for bathroom remodeling and makes even a small bathroom look more spacious.

Bath Fitter Features Designer Touches for High-End Appeal

If you think acrylic tubs and surrounds are boring, you haven’t seen Bath Fitter! Our options have all the high-end details that add value to a home or rental. From marble shower bases to classic square tiles and on-trend subway tile, you never have to compromise on aesthetics when you choose a Bath Fitter bathroom remodel.

Bath Fitter Is More Cost-Effective Than Tub Replacement

Buying a new bathtub is expensive. Then, add on the cost of tile and labor to demolish the old tub and put in the new one, and a simple bathtub replacement turns into a significant investment. This isn’t the case with Bath Fitter. By choosing a more affordable Bath Fitter makeover, real estate investors are able to maximize their remodeling budget so they can get a higher return on their investment.

Bath Fitter Is Fast

A standard bathroom remodel can take days to complete, if not weeks. A Bath Fitter installation takes a single day to complete, which helps real estate investors maximize the return on investment for bathroom remodeling when they’re readying a home for rental or sale. Even better, Bath Fitter bathtub liners require no demolition, which means there’s no time needed for cleanup either. A Bath Fitter remodel is mess-free.

Bath Fitter Is Virtually Maintenance-Free

Speaking of cleanup, a Bath Fitter tub or shower surround requires much less maintenance than traditional tile and grout. There’s a one-piece seamless wall, which means absolutely no grout to clean. Investors with rental properties love Bath Fitter because it can withstand the wear-and-tear of multiple tenants.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products by guaranteeing them for life. We know they’ll withstand the test of time, and we want you to have the same confidence in your purchase. If you’re not happy with your bathtub replacement, let us know.

Maximize the Return on Investment for Bathroom Remodeling With Bath Fitter

Contact us today or request a free consultation to learn more about our bathtub replacement process and how we can give your bathroom an affordable makeover.