Beautiful Acrylic Tub and Shower Walls

Upgrade With Acrylic Tub and Shower Walls

We recognize that there are many do-it-yourselfers when it comes to bathroom remodeling – but we provide the Greater Tampa Bay area with a smarter way to remodel a bathroom.

With Bath Fitter, you’ll avoid messy demolition, prevent disruption to your daily bath routine, not have to worry about controlling the cost of materials, and save your precious time. Our company-employed installation technicians are experts at tub and shower wall installations. That is all they do – and they do it the best, every day.

Bath Fitter has been renovating bathrooms for over 35 years for over 2 million families. Save a trip to your home improvement store and schedule a free-in home consultation with us.

Customizable Bathtub Solutions

We provide a truly customizable solution for our acrylic tub and shower walls, each one custom made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We offer many designs and colors as well as bath accessories that will carry the style of the tub and shower throughout the bathroom.

Accessories like walls and wainscoting, ceilings, trims and moldings, towel bars and toilet paper holders, curtain rods, tub and shower doors, faucets and hand-held showers, and shelves and soap dishes. We also offer safety accessories like grab bars and shower seats.

graphic with bullet points indicating how to custom design your bathtub