Our Commercial Solutions

Why do companies turn to Bath Fitter for bath and shower renovations?

Bath Fitter has redefined how large commercial facilities renovate their bathtubs and showers. This process is comprised of minimal disruptions, void of demolition and comes at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional remodeling. As a single source supply chain company, we take care of everything; from planning and designing to manufacturing, distribution, installation and customer service.

In 30 years serving the Tampa bay area, our 17,000 commercial installations have been implemented to meet the obligations of the design needs, client’s time frame, and budget requirements. We have completed jobs as small as one unit and as large as 750 units. We are poised and ready to help you with your bath renovation projects.

Affordable Housing

Our bathtub and shower solutions fit your budget without displacing tenants. Plus our acrylic product is easy to clean and will maintain its appearance for many years.

Assisted Living Centers

Our bathtubs, showers and safety accessory options improve resident safety, CNA performance and housekeeping while enhancing the quality of the resident experience. We offer easy-access ADA compliant showers, custom wheelchair-accessible shower floors and tub-to-shower conversions, the perfect option for residents with limited mobility.

Fitness Centers

Members want a safe and hygienic facility to clean up after a workout. You need a durable, easy to clean, and affordable remodel solution that can be completed quickly with minimal disruption to gym members.


Installing our long-lasting bathtubs and showers right over the existing units means minimal dispruption, no dust, and no harsh chemicals during the renovation process. The one-day installation will minimize disruption to staff and patients. And high quality, non-porous acrylic is easy to clean and maintain.


There is no hiding a bad online review about an old, worn-out, and dated bathtub and shower. You can’t afford to not update your bathrooms without it impacting future revenue. We provide an affordable alternative to a full demolition bathtub and shower renovation and will have your new bathroom back on the market in a day.

Multi-Unit Housing

The effects of daily use, cleaning chemicals and methods, and aging on your bathroom can make it more challenging to maintain rent levels and keep good tenants. Bath Fitter solutions help you stay competitive in the rental market with increased asset value and higher resident satisfaction.

Student Housing

Dorm rooms need to look fresh and new to obtain premium rents. When you renovate, you need to stay on schedule to minimize the downtime for the students and the expense of temporary placement. Bath Fitter provides a one-day turn around that will keep your remodeling project on schedule. And our acrylic products are durable, easy to clean and will maintain their appearance for many years.


Durable, affordable and easy to clean remodeling solutions for military facilities. Completed in as little as one day before, during or after deployment.

Camping and Recreation

Whether you have a massive modern shower complex in a recreation facility or a single shower cabin at a campground, your patrons expect a clean, well-maintained shower stall. A Bath Fitter shower remodel solution provides the highest quality durable material that is easy to clean and maintain and will last for years to come even with constant daily use.

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