Hassle-Free Shower Remodeling

Custom-Made, Beautiful Shower Remodeling

Our acrylic shower base and matching seamless wall systems are custom made for a precise airtight fit over your existing shower. The acrylic material is non-porous, and it is mildew and mold resistant, which is a huge benefit with the weather in the Greater Tampa Bay area. For each shower installation, you choose from a wide variety of wall designs, shower doors, and accessories.

Before we install a new shower, our own Bath Fitter installation experts will clean and sanitize your existing bath area and repair existing surfaces where necessary. We install our shower walls only on solid, dry, and leak-free surfaces that will look beautiful in your bathroom and will last a lifetime.

Our Promise

Seamless Walls

Custom made and fit seamless walls provide airtight fit.


Bath Fitter is the smart way to upgrade your walk-in shower. There’s no messy demolition, and we can install your new shower in one day, so it’s less disruptive to your daily routine.


The acrylic material is non-porous, mildew, and mold-resistant, and is easy to clean and maintain.


Your new bath should be a combination of all the things you love. That’s why we offer a vast selection to fit your style, including colors, patterns, and accessories.

Team of Experts

Bath Fitter has over 35 years’ experience. Our experts will handle every aspect of your bathroom installation from start to finish, guiding you every step of the way.

How It Works

Watch how we handle everything from start to finish for bathtub and shower remodeling:

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